My Approach

I am Dr. Jo, Naturopathic Doctor at George Street Naturopathic Medicine and mother of 3 amazing kids.

I work with people of all ages and stages of life to help them identify the root cause of their symptoms and to support them in making healthy choices to ensure a healthy future.

Have you ever had someone listen to your whole health story? Or take the time to gather the clues and solve your health puzzle? Do you or your children have symptoms but are told that “everything looks normal”?

During your appointments, I take the time to really listen to you and to get to know you so that I can take your entire health picture into account. Every patient I work with gets an individualized, custom treatment plan. I feel fortunate to have so many safe and effective tools in my Naturopathic toolkit, because there is never just one answer to a health puzzle.

I often send patients for blood testing at LifeLabs to gather more clues. Other lab tests that I use include food allergy testing, stool and urine tests, and PAP tests. Many patients don’t realize that Naturopathic Doctors can do pelvic exams and PAP tests! At my office these important procedures are done in a comfortable and calming environment.

When we work together, you will never feel rushed. I will always listen with compassion. I will never judge you. I am passionate about wholesome family health, and it would be an honour to work with your family.

No more band-aid solutions! Just good ol’ Wholesome Family Health!


  • acupuncture
  • botanical medicine
  • nutrition
  • well-baby visits
  • b-12 injections
  • lifestyle counselling
  • lab tests
  • pelvic exams & pap tests
  • bio-identical hormones

I’d love to guide you on your journey to wholesome family health.